My name is Marren and I'm in 7th grade this year. I'm a figure skater and skate every day except for Sunday, but I have alot of hobbies, including piano, reading, and of course art. I mainly make sculptures, japanese silk fans, and pysanky (Ukrainian easter eggs). Recently I've taken a liking to making anime drawings, so you'll probably see a lot of them ;).

100_1132.JPG These are some licorice candies I made out of fimo clay. (They're actually really easy and fun to make)

Here's one of the Ukrainian easter eggs I made. I'll post some others soon.
100_1161.JPG100_1160.JPG Here's another one :)

IMG_0021.JPG This is my fluffy cat Cassandra :)
IMG_0025 - Copy.JPG
This is a picture of my sister and I from October last year at a Renaissance faire. I'm on the left, cosplaying as Milly from Dragon Quest 6 (it isn't a perfect costume, but it was the first one I've made.) My sister is on the right dressed as a fox (she was wearing a fluffy tail, but you can't see it in this picture.)

plusle and minum.jpgThis is the first gijnka I have made. A gijnka is a drawing or painting of a Pokemon next to a person who looks like it. This one is of Plusle and Minun, the Electric type cheerleading Pokemon.

Nera Briscoletti.jpg
This is a quick drawing I made of a character from my favorite game series, Dragon Quest. This particular character is Nera Briscoletti from Dragon Quest 5.

I made some drawings of my favorite gym leaders from Pokemon. This one is Elesa.
and Jasmine

This is just a random girl singing I drew.
All of the clay cakes I have ever made, in the order of which I made them (left to right). I thought it would be fun to list them all... so they are: strawberry mousse, chocolate layer, strawberry-vanilla pudding cake, lime wedding cake, wedding cake, chocolate and vanilla torte (don't think I spelled that right), chocolate-mint torte, ombre cake, strawberry-chocolate layer, blackberry and raspberry, chocolate European layer cake, ice-cream cake and a chocolate mousse cake.
layer cake 1.jpg Layer cake 2.jpg
Tadaa!!! This is my newest miniature clay cake :) ! It is a little less than an inch and a half tall and an inch and a half wide.
This is a small painting of Jirachi that
I made on a tiny canvas. It is 2 by 2 inches.