January 2013 Artclub Assignment.jpg
January Assigment - Cherry Tree

Welcome to my page!
My name is actually Amber Baldwin, but you can call me Dragoncia! :D I am currently in my second year of high school and I'm loving it! My preferred mediums are pencil, colored pencils, pens and colored brushpens. However, I am open to new mediums and techniques! You may notice that my style is centered around a manga-type drawing technique. Recently, however, my style is changing to gain a more realistic but still stylized look. So far, the only current artwork on this page that expresses my current style is the August 2013 assignment. I tend to draw fantasy, people, cats and dragons more often than anything else but I enjoy it! :P So, if anyone wants to contact me, the best way to reach out is through my email at emberdragoncia@yahoo.com. See you at the next meeting!
Feline Love.jpg
A picture I drew for Valentine's Day.

Febuary 2013 Part 1 Artclub Assignment.jpg
The first half of the Febuary Assignment.

Febuary 2013 Part 2 Artclub Assignment.jpg
The second half of the Febuary Assignment.

Eclipse Blackout.jpg
The March Pop Art Assignment. I was unsure how to create pop art so I just mimiced the pop art style, also I forgot it had to be in color so that is why it is black and white.

April 2013 Artclub Assignment.jpg
April Artclub Lanscape Assignment. :)
June Assignment 001.jpg
June Assignment

July Assignment 001.jpg
July Assignment: it is a bit rough but it still looks good

Pointism Dragon August Artclub 001.jpg
August Pointism Assignment! I went all out with this one! :D