Welcome to my page! :) I'm Brianna. I am 16 years old, entering 11th grade the fall of 2013. I play the harp and am fascinated by the science behind music. Becoming a music therapist is one of my many dreams for my life. I believe that God is my Savior, and He is the reason why I draw.
To me, the definition of art is self expression. There are many art pieces that can leave you stumped, but they are an expression of that artist. They are flawed, as all humans are, which makes them all the more fascinating to look at. I have been making it a goal of mine to look up more artists behind the paintings I love and admire.

Here are just some of my sketches. Enjoy!

Da Vinci Contest Entry:


Other sketches:
babay - Copy.jpg
John Lennon.jpg