Hello! I love to draw and color, although I don't like coloring books. :/ My favorite thing to color with are Sharpies because they give such bold colors. I do use crayons every now and then, but I have this awesome limited edition Sharpie set, so I stick with them. My all time favorite artist is Romero Britto, but I forget his name a lot. The first time I saw his art was on a luggage in a mall were I live. I wanted the luggage so bad. :) I will try to find a picture of it to put up on this page. I like fashion and I watch The Face a lot. My favorite music is usually the Top Hits and I don't really leave that area. I am not a fan most rock music, but I like Journey and every now and the a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd because I'm from Alabama. It just makes sense. :) I don't like collage artists such as Romare Bearden. I once went on a field trip to the Charlotte Mint Museum of Art when I was in fifth grade. I thought it would be awesome because I liked art then too. We ended up staying in the Romare Bearden exhibit almost the whole time, only leaving once to go look at a block with a chain on it in the American Modern section. :l Out of all the amazing pieces of art they could have chosen for us to see, they chose the one I liked the least. Sorry for my rant. That just made me mad because I like the modern things. Anywho, enjoy my art. Some of it may not be the best because they could be first tries but there is nothing wrong with that.

My try at Expressionism. I wasn't to familiar with this style, but I had seen it before and noticed that it faded from reality quite a bit so I made the sky and the sun really dramatic. All the colors in the sky are happy which pretty much describes me. I wanted this drawing to lift spirits. :)

photo (17).JPG
My current nails! I love'em! XD

The paper was bigger than my scanner :( so it cuts off the side a little
I wanted her dress to sort of camouflage into the background. Her face is not my favorite though...
This is my most favorite! She is actually on a small piece of paper. She just looks like she isn't. Her lips are my favorite. :)
I am pretty good at powerpuff girls. I draw my own versions of them and have a whole collection of super hero themed ones. I forgot to mention this in the bio thing, but I LOVE superheroes. Captain America is the best.

Bubbles! You will probably not see a Buttercup drawing because I do not like her. Yes, Bubbles is colored with a sparkly crayon.
My favorite Villainess, Harley Quinn. Shes my favorite version.
Spider Girl, Spider Girl, does whatever a spider girl can! She may not be my best, but it took so long to do the costume, I thought why not! She is cute though :)
The amazing Wonder Woman. Why is there no Wonder Man? Or is there...
Pinstripe and heart nails :) I will be doing more later.
Here's that luggage I want. It's so expensive!! Like $200 to $600. Curse you world for making it so much money.
And a picture of my dog Millie. LOL Shes named after Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Very original, ey? :)