Why hello there!

My name is Madison, I am in 9th grade and I love art. My hobbies include art (of course), ballet, singing, piano, electronics and engineering, and a little bit of writing here and there. I love classical music and symphonic rock. I'm not into pop, but I always will respect any type of music. To give you an idea of the music that I'm into, my favourite group is MUSE. Matthew Bellamy is a fantastic musician. I'm also a huge geek, I'm very much so into Star Wars. My father and I built a life size-better-than-the-movies-quality-remote-controlled-R2D2... It's part of the family now lol. Everything works on R2, the dome spins, he lights up, makes sounds, doors open, ejects lightsabers, you name it, he does it! Well, everything accept fly... That's next mwhaha

Well enough about that, now let's talk about art! For materials I mainly use a wide range of different grade pencils, black artist markers, Faber Castell colored pencils, and of course a kneadable, electric, and regular eraser. Paper can vary from anything to just regular sketch paper, to vellum bristol board. My favourite thing to illustrate is people.

I've started to get into digital art, but I'm no good at it! It's fun, yet frustrating. Whenever I do use digital art as my medium I use a Bamboo Splash Tablet and Art Rage Studio v3.5.4. on a 11' Macbook Air... It's a very very small screen to work with haha.

So, without further ado, here is some of my artwork.

Please do not use my artwork without my permission. ;D

DA VINCI CONTEST ENTRY-MADISON I'm horrible at realism, so I hope this isn't too off track
But I tried to capture that really loose, sketchy feel of
Da Vinci's work. :)

Pencil and colored pencil. What kind of person would I be if I watched Monsters University and didn't sketch lil Mike Wazowski?!

Pencil. Cartoon self portrait :P

While we're at it, have another extremely random ink sketch of an eye.

Ink. Just a random sketch of some headphones... I don't even know \(-_-)/

Colored Pencils. Just some fanart for my love of sauces.

Artist Marker. Who doesn't love some good 'ol Spongebob and Sandy! Just a quick sketch.

Digital. A program cover I did for a Talent Show :D

Pencil. My favourite animal, the Mantis Shrimp! ^_^

Watercolors and ink on 2.5" x 3.5" (TINY) vellum bristol.... Yeah I got nothin else to say.

Watercolors and ink on 2.5" x 3.5" (TINY) vellum bristolIt's a little sideways, but yeah,

Pencil. Random lil WIP cartoon, eh, thingy of Matthew Bellamy.

Attempt at photography... Pretty seaweed stuff I found on the beach.

Just incase anyone wanted to know what the inside of a piano looks like lol, here's mine.

CRAYONS! My super inspirational quote :) No ref.

Pencil. I had an artist block, so I drew a super quick cartoon depicting myself with an artist block... Oh, the irony. No ref.

Pencil. Just some random tea. No ref.

Watercolors and ink on 2.5" x 3.5" (TINY) vellum bristol. Mrs. Potts Miniature. Ref used.

Colored Pencil Practice time! No ref used

Colored Pencils. Boo, Bonnie, and Sully. Some refs used.

Pencil. First time at trying to draw an animal :S Ref used

Really?! LINEART- Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars line art! This is digital work. Ref used

Really?! VERSION 1- First attempt at digital art :S Ref used

Really?! VERSION 2- Second attempt, getting better. More shadows and highlights added. Ref used

Really?! VERSION 3- The eyes and lips still need work, and the shoulder needs to be cleaned up, but other than that it came out . Okay! Ref used

Digital. Tangled + Star Wars WIP- Had to combine my two favourite things! 2nd digital art attempt, no ref used this time. ^_^

Digital.Tangled + Star Wars WIP 2- Happy with how the metal turned out on the lightsaber, but still not happy with the blade.
Ref used.
Pencil. Audrey Hepburn- Happy with the eyes and the hand on this, my the hair lacks much to be desired :( Ref used

Pencil. Padmé Amidala WIP- So far so good, just have to start on her curly hair, yikes! Ref used

Pencil and colored pencil. Ahsoka Season 5 Pose- Just a quick sketch of Ahsoka. Ref used

Pencil. Ahsoka's Reflection- 5 min sketch of lil 'soka again. No ref used

Pencil. I AM IRON MAN- My favourite super hero :3 Ref used

Pepper Lineart.png
Digital. Pepper Potts LINEART- And what would Tony Stark be without his lovely assistant? Ref used.

Pencil. One of the first real sketches I ever did! It lacks a lot but it's ok for my first time. Ref used