Hi there! My name is Laurin and I do graphic design, art via a tablet, as well as hand drawn art. My art is inspired by a variety of different sources, usually I start with a base subject and go from there. My design for the dancer started with the subject of Ballet and turned into the final product below. I'm a sophomore this year, about 3/4 finished with the year, though, so I'm looking forward to Junior year. I spend a lot of time with my photography, but I won't post too much of that here unless I consider it very art-related. I do have a flickr, let me know if you want to see it.

'Dream' Designed and created via Gimp.

For Leah.jpg
Made for my friend Leah. Inspired by early Japanese paintings. Made with gimp.

I would like to get some hand-drawn art in! Does anyone have any requests or suggestions?

Big Ben done for a request on london based