Hi, I'm Katie!

This is my first year with Keystone. I'm a junior this year, and I'm new to the art club! I recently attended my first meeting. I'm an all around artist: I do designing, anime/manga drawing, painting , sewing , cartooning, food presentation (like cake decorating), and music, (singing and piano). I mainly focus on drawing manga, because I want to be a shoujo mangaka. (girls manga artist) I'm also learning Japanese. ^^" I like drawing cute things :3

I love making new friends, and I hope to learn many new skills, and get along with everyone! :)

Anyone can talk to me about anything!

My Deviantart:

Penguin I painted on Art Academy

My winter white project o__o
kitty drawin 1.jpg
A little kitten I drew :3
Eevee! <3
I love making hot chocolate look fancy xD

kai drawinn fjewfeh.jpg
Wow, I drew this a looong time ago

A chibi I drew with my mouse in paint xD

kiara and kovu drawinn.jpg
Kiara and Kovu from the lion king 2 sketch

Only a sketch draft, didn't finish it yet

Pikachu made with my mouse in paint xD

tepig painting.jpg
I painted this Tepig for my cousin :3

pearl ryuu.jpg
Pearl from Mamotte Lollipop

anime drawing upload 1.jpg
One of my favorite drawings x3

xmas anime drawin.jpg
More Christmas! Yay! It's kind of blurry...

A drawing xD

A necklace based off of season 3 of H2O for my friend :D

A painting of Rayquaza :)

A little flower in my front yard!
Mermaid inspired nails. (I'm a ocean fish lover :D)