Hello. My name is Faith Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lizzie. I am currently in the eighth grade. I really love to sketch out my designs and then sew them into real garments. It is my dream to have
a career
in fashion designing when I get older. Some of my favorite designers and brands include: Christopher Palu, Christian Siriano, Isaac Mizrahi, Marchesa, Michael Kors, Austin Scarlett, Chris Benz, Zac Posen, and Alexander McQueen. When I’m not designing, I’m either drawing or painting. I am fascinated by abstract art at the moment. I am really looking forward to posting some of my artwork on here soon.
rainbow row.JPG
This is what I painted for the pointillism assignment. I used toothpicks and q-tips to create this painting. My dog, GiGi, used her paw prints to create the clouds. This is a painting of Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC.
realistic rose.JPG
This is what I drew for the July assignment. I chose to draw a rose, because I believe it represents true beauty. It was my goal to represent this beauty and the other qualities of the rose. Since the rose is so realistic, I wanted to make the background whimsical. The title of this piece is Nana's Rose.
piet mondrian dress.PNG
This is a painting I made for the Piet Mondrian Assignment. For this piece, I wanted to represent me and my style as much as Piet Mondrian and his style. That is why I chose to emulate Piet Mondrian's style inside of the outline of a dress. I wanted the lines to represent what the dress would look like if it were only made up of lines. This is my favorite piece because it emulates my style as much as Piet Mondrian's.
piet mondrian assignment.PNG
This is the second piece that I created for the Piet Mondrian Asignment. I was inspired to create this piece when I saw a group of people protesting a new building that is being built in town. The colors in this piece represent the bright colors of the signs these people were holding.
pop art shoe.JPG
For this assignment I really wanted to create my own print. To achieve this look, I melted crayons on the paper first. Then I painted over it with loose brush strokes. I used loose brush strokes because I didn't want this print to be perfect like the last assignment. I think that the fact that the print is so random is what makes it cool. Of course, I used the outline of the high heel because heels are always popular.
expressionism new york.JPG
Since this assignment is about expressionism, I wanted to express a specific feeling through my artwork. I wanted to express what it felt like to be different. I chose to express this feeling through buildings in New York, because all of the buildings in New York are the same. In this way, this piece has a little bit of irony in it.
vintage window.JPG
This is the picture I painted for the latest assignment. This is a picture of a vintage shop window. I really wanted the colors to tell a story for this painting, because I think that is what this style of artwork is all about.